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Remorse plays role in sentencing of "Skipper"
Last Updated: Nov 28 2002 05:37 PM AST

Ray Bellew has been sentenced to six months under house arrest for assaulting and threatening his wife. The former host of CBC's "Skipper and Company" will also be on probation for two years.

Bellew, 63, will be able to leave his home for only for a few hours a week to exercise, shop, and get medical attention.


Judge Robert Smith suggested Bellew keep visiting the clinical psychologist he's been seeing.


Smith said Bellew's actions on two occasions in June were shocking he dragged his wife by the hair, handcuffed her, gave her bruises, and put his hand around her throat while threatening to kill her and their daughter.


Ray Bellew outside court in July

Ray Bellew outside court in July

Bellew was charged with assault, uttering threats and unlawful confinement. He pleaded guilty, even though his first lawyer told him not to.


Smith said Bellew's retirement left his days empty, putting him on a downward spiral of depression, suspicion and jealousy over his wife.


But the judge added that Bellew was remorseful and determined to attack to demons that invaded his marriage and his life.


During his two years probation Bellew is not allowed to drink, and must take any kind of anger or alcohol counselling that's recommended.


Bellew and his wife have since reconciled, but she told a court-appointed worker she will not stay with him if the situation deteriorates.


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